The RPG Trailer In The News

The RPG Trailer has been featured in a number of news media, here are videos and articles from those organizations...

RPG Trailer in the News

RPG Trailer Services

The Wheelchair Friendly RPG Trailer is able to provide a broad range of services to even very remote locations, for the people that need it most. Based on Therapeutic Recreation, Music, and Therapeutic Recreation theories and methodologies, the RPG Trailer can help many people achieve their educational and therapeutic goals...

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Support Free Services

The Wheelchair Friendly RPG Trailer tried to provide as many services as possible, free of charge, to those that need it most. It is through the generous donations, volunteer work, and support of organizations and individuals like you, that we can reach out to more people that otherwise could not receive these services. Your support makes all the difference!

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We are very active in multiple communities, providing services at community centers large and small. We help at urban, suburban, rural, and very remote locations.

RPG Research at Game Store with CP participant

Provide Direct Support Through Patreon

Donors can help provide more services to those most in need through their hours, donating to the GoFundMe RPG Trailer page for additional upgrades (better wheelchair ramps, etc.), or expand the number of people supported through covering transportation costs by donating monthly through Patreon...